KHU holding company is a type of organization that owns other companies' outstanding stock.

Our strategic focus encompasses various sectors through managing a group of pioneering and significant investments in a very well-diversified portfolio of local and international assets, varying from financial investments, apperal production, physical goods, real estate, invention development and more.

Our ultimate objective is to achieve sustainable financial balance, foster capital growth, and generate profits while upholding Sharia Principles and positively impacting the Kingdom's economic landscape.

We pridefully oversee a diverse portfolio of pioneering projects integral to the Kingdom's economic development.

Driven by our commitment to continuous improvement and expansion, we have experienced consistent growth year after year, which has been further fueled over the last few years by the well-crafted 2030 vision, where the Kingdom's economy soared exponentially.


Saleh here.

As a holding company, we understand the importance of investment. as we believe that everyone deserves access to powerful investment opportunities to help them achieve their financial aspirations.

Where we powered one of KHU Holding acquisitions, Physical Tokenization which can make people invest in physical assets with ease in any niche.

The company's projects all hinge on the belief that being truthful and authentic is of utmost importance.

"Authenticity is of utmost importance."

Saleh Alkhulaifi, CEO of KHU Holding.


X is representing real-world assets as tokens.

By combining web3 technology with physical assets, physical tokenization enables a new era of investment opportunities, traceability and enhanced security.

ALKHULAIFI BANK, Specialize in financial products that is designed to meet the needs of the clients. with its flagship card, the Executive Card, with this card, holders can make transactions of up to $100,000,000 daily without limits, making it the perfect choice for high-value transactions.

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